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Shrink-Wrap Recycling

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Taking action to keep LDPE out of landfills. 

MM - OCM Conference.jpg
MM - OCM Conference.jpg

Did you know?

  • When you throw your shrink-wrap into the recycling dumpster it will end up in the landfill. This plastic must be recycled completely separate or it is considered contaminated.

  • Most marinas and boatyards do not properly recycle the shrink-wrap removed from their boats. Like so many, they struggle  to find a cost effective approach and get lost in logistical challenges.

  • Northeast Ohio has struggled to provide a consistent, sustainable program to streamline the process of recycling shrink-wrap.

  • In turn, boaters recognize they are accountable for their carbon footprint but feel they lack clear coordination to execute proper recycling practices.

  • You can make a difference this year!

Being the change we wish to see..

Mindful Mariners will continue to provide the service that will aid in keeping shrink-wrap (LDPE) out of landfills! 

For a low cost, we will remove your shrink-wrap and deliver it to a recycling facility in Southern Ohio that has the ability to repurpose this plastic through the creation of guardrail blocks and composite lumber. 


We have a new addition to the shrink-wrap recycling team this year, a shrink-wrap recycling truck!

Help be an advocate for proper shrink-wrap disposal and let your marina know that pick-up options are available! 

Find out more at (Services --> Boat Wrap)

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MM - LDPE Recycling at CBS.heic
MM - LDPE Recycling at CBS.heic

Doing your part

Do your part to keep LDPE out of landfills!

Call us to schedule a pick-up so we can get this material into the right hands!

If you plan to remove your cover independently, please take a few moments to watch this short video on how to properly and efficiently remove your shrink-wrap and prepare it for recycling. 

If you would like to establish a collection process at your facility, please reach out! We can connect you with your local Clean Marina agency for more information on how to proceed!

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